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Trust Operations Outsourcing

RCG provides custom outsourcing solutions, managed services, and demand services to help you meet your fiduciary business goals.

Trust companies and trust departments benefit from outsourcing in many regards, including compliance, standardized processes, accurate recordkeeping, fewer personnel demands, less training requirements, more focus on relationships, and increased fee revenue through efficient trust account task execution. 

Typical Operational Duties:
Trust Accounting 
Disbursements Processing
Statements Production
Fee Processing
Asset Setup
Trust Tax returns

Your Systems

RCG brings many, many years of experience utilizing several trust accounting and operational platforms. We can use your existing systems, or, if helpful, we may recommend systems to you. RCG also can work with the custodian you decide to engage with, making the implementation process even easier.

Fees Are NOT Based On Market Value of Accounts

At RCG, we do not base fees on the market value of accounts.
Instead, we structure our fees based on account activity and volume. 
We won't restrict your growth.

The Value of an RCG Solution

Trust Operations Outsourcing’s value goes beyond removing duties from key personnel, allowing them to focus on client relationships. In addition, when outsourcing day-to-day operations duties to trust industry experts, task execution is faster, more dependable, consistent, and compliant.  

The relationships with your clients are your greatest assets. Delivering outstanding prompt services will reinforce your client relationships and give a platform for positive interactions and the ability to offer more services to your clients with confidence.

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Revzon Consulting may also be your “back office” assisting with day-to-day operations.

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